There are various definitions of ‘biotope’ and common strands exist between them: a compact complete environment, networked into others, not completely natural but guided by man, of nature and representing nature.

Biotope is a unique veterinary practice. Through its principal Dr.Peter Scott FRCVS, Biotope has worked with a range of exotic animals in the wild and in zoos, and fish in fisheries, fish farms and public aquaria.

Core work is with the UK aquaculture industry, clients have been involved in trout, salmon, carp, barramundi, tilapia, turbot and no-kill caviar production, Clients are involved at all levels, as farmers, processors, restockers and fishery owners.

A significant amount work has been also spent in the pet industry dealing with exotic pet species via wholesalers, and retailers and with manufacturers and retailers.

We have been committed to developing the best animal welfare and friendly husbandry systems across the board. Biotope works closely with other specialists, diagnostic laboratories etc. Either directly or through our associates we can usually find a solution.